reż. Malgorzata Suwała, Polska/Poland, 29:00
narrative / fabuła

Poland, 1990s. Sławek gets the gig of a lifetime. He needs a car, so he plans to borrow his father’s taxi. Unfortunately, his mother has a different plan. Sławek has no choice but to take his parents to “work.” They are joined by a gangster named Kris. When they arrive at the spot, the gig turns out to be a regular robbery.

reż. Jan Bitzer, Niemcy/ Germany, 10:44
animation / animacja

The 80s. A run-down motel. This is where a secret club of robot friends gather regularly to live out their dreams of being something else. They share a desire to be animals. On this night, it’s a goodbye party for one of them. This friend will change and leave for good.

reż. Martin Schmidt, Niemcy/Germany, 04:09
animation / animacja

An aggressive battle unfolds between red and dark blue. The borderlines between the colors vibrate with tension as they fight for their lives.

reż. Hubert Patynowski, Polska/Poland, 29:58
narrative / fabuła

Immigrant Ó finds himself in a world devoid of feelings and emotions, a world of no inhibitions. Shame, joy, trust and sorrow are unknown. Emotions and feelings may be purchased as drugs. Ó meets Eliza and together they indulge in a novel mixture – Love.

74 min