reż. Mikołaj Janik, Polska/Poland, 25:08
narrative / fabuła

Łucja tries to restore her son’s health and wash away her guilt for the events of the past. The harder she tries, the thinner the lines between motherhood and violence, reality and nightmare become.

reż. Jitka Nemikinsová, Czechy/Czech Republic, 08:26
animation / animacja

Lightbulbs are throwing a party for growing up flames to welcome them in the system that will let them shine and protect them. But one flames likes to play with fire and rebels against the system.

reż. Marek Głuszczak, Polska/Poland, 27:59
narrative / fabuła

Right before graduation, Sara runs away from home to save the lives of a herd of wild cows. Worrying about her daughter’s future, Alicja follows the girl. She moves from a clean, luxurious house to a tent in an ecologists’ camp. In a series of desperate attempts to get through to her daughter, Alicja makes an unusual connection with one of the cows and discovers that Sara is fighting for more than just animal liberation. Knowing that forces Alicja to make the toughest decision of her life.

reż. Carla Melo Gampert, Kolumbia/Colombia, 14:05
animation / animacja

In Bogota, a bird-girl leaves behind the family home, her domineering mother and faithful dog to go and explore her sexuality.

76 min